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Udemy - WordPress E-Commerce Development With WooCommerce & Storefront

Udemy - WordPress E-Commerce Development With WooCommerce & Storefront 2019-05-27

WordPress E-Commerce Development w/ WooCommerce & Storefront
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udemy wordpress ecommerce development

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What you'll learn
  • How to install and create products in storefront
  • Add categories, tags, prices, sale prices & inventories to products
  • Create digital products to sell music, magazines, movies & more
  • Create grouped projects
  • Receive Payments with PayPal
  • Manage Shippings, Taxes, Customers & more
  • Use storefront in your online store
  • Create a Child Theme of storefront & customize it with CSS, Hooks and Templates
  • I will share with you a lot of codes to improve your storefront store
  • We will add MailChimp & AddThis! into our store
  • We will customize each page of WooCommerce
Course content


  • Project for this Course
  • The Course Materials Included in this course
–Some Insights and things to keep in mind when developing an online store
  • The Basics of E-Commerce
  • Define an Audience
  • Security in your store
  • WordPress for e-commerce
  • What's WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce & Shopify
–Installing WordPress & WooCommerce
  • Installing WordPress
  • Installing WooCommerce
–Working with Products
  • Adding our first product
  • Adding a Description
  • Creating a Gallery in products
  • Managing Inventory on Products
  • Adding Weights and Sizes for Products
  • Adding Up-sell and Cross-sell products
  • Creating a Product Variation
  • Adding more information for our variation products
  • Adding Global Attributes
  • Creating a Downloadable product
  • Selling Grouped Products
  • –Working with Storefront
  • Installing Storefront & the Customizr
  • Adding the Main Image Categories
–Shipping Methods
  • Adding our Shipping Zones
  • Adding a Flat Rate
  • Enabling Free Shipping
  • Customizing the shipping labels
  • Adding a Flat rate to shipping in other countries
  • Managing Countries outside of the Shipping Zones
  • Setting Live Rates with USPS
  • Adding a Shipping Class
–The WooCommerce Settings Tab
  • The General Tab
  • The Products Tab
  • The Tax Tab
  • The Shipping Tab
  • The Checkout Tab
  • The Accounts, Emails and API Tabs
–Payment Gateways and Discounts
  • Receiving Payments
  • Configuring PayPal Express
  • Payment Gateways plugins available
  • How to create coupons
–Creating a Child Theme of Storefront and How to Customize your Store
  • Creating the About Us & Contact Us Pages
  • What's a Child Theme
  • Creating and Activating a Child Theme
  • How to Modify the appearance of your online store
  • Using CSS
  • Using and overriding Templates
  • Using Hooks
  • Using the Customizr
–Working with Menus in Storefront
  • Creating the Main Menu
  • Creating the Social Menu
  • Creating the Mobile Menu
  • Styling the Main Menu
  • Styling the Mobile Menu
–Customizing the Front Page
  • Adding a Google Font and Styling the headings
  • Displaying the featured image on the front page
  • Styling the Main Category Images
–FRONT PAGE: Adding a new section from a specific category
  • Creating a new Section for displaying products from specific category
  • Using WooCommerce Shortcodes
  • Adding more products to this category
  • Passing values to shortcode
  • Styling our new section
  • Finishing our new section
–FRONT PAGE: Adding a new banner section
  • Adding a new Banner Section
  • Styling the new Banner section
  • Using Advanced Custom Fields for dynamic content
–FRONT PAGE: Adding the Main Icons with features
  • Adding the fields with Advanced Custom fields
  • Adding the Content to fields
  • Writing the function where the Icons will be printed
  • Printing the fields
  • Styling the Fields
–FRONT PAGE: Displaying the latest 3 entries
  • Creating the 3 blog posts
  • Querying the Database to display the 3 posts
  • Printing all the content
  • Styling the blog entries
–FRONT PAGE: Adding MailChimp
  • Creating and Printing the MailChimp form
  • Styling the form (Pt 1 of 2)
  • Styling the form (Pt 2 of 2)
–Working with the footer
  • Adding Widgets into the footer
  • Changing the footer text and information
  • Styling the Footer
–Customizing the Shop Page
  • Displaying prices with 3 digit numeric code
  • Changing the number of columns in the shop page
  • Changing the number of products per page
  • Changing the name of the sorting filters
  • Printing a Custom Image when no featured image is added to product
  • Adding the WooCommerce widgets
–Working with the Single Product Page
  • How to remove a Tab
  • Changing the text of a Tab
  • Displaying the Product Name in the Tab
  • Adding a Field with Advanced Custom Fields and printing the values
  • Adding a new tab for videos
  • The Rule of 100
  • Printing Savings as Dollars
  • Styling the Savings with CSS
  • Printing Savings as Percentage
  • Printing Percentage or Dollars based on the Price Product
  • Adding AddThis! into the products
–Customizing the Cart Page
  • Adding a Field for coupons
  • Printing the Coupon in the cart page if available
  • Adding a button to clear the cart content
–Customizing the Checkout Page
  • Removing the extra contents from the checkout
  • How to remove a Field from the checkout form
  • How to add a field in the checkout form
  • Displaying Related Products in the Blog Entries
  • Adding the related content field with Advanced Custom Fields
  • Printing the Products with a Shortcode
–WooCommerce Tips
  • How to find the right template to edit
  • Overriding the Search Input in Woo
  • How to find the right hook with Query Monitor
  • How to change the Add To Cart Text
  • –Developing a WooCommerce Plugin
  • Creating the main plugin folder and file
  • Adding the CSS and JS files from bxSlider
  • Writing a function to display a shortcode content
  • Querying the Database in the Shortcode
  • Adding the JavaScript Method
  • Printing Featured Products
  • Finishing the Styling
–Customizing the Login Screen
  • Preview of the final project
  • Enqueuing a CSS File in the login screen only
  • Adding the Background Image and Logo
  • Styling the Log In Button
  • Adding a Box Shadow to the form
  • Redirect to your home page when the user clicks on the logo
  • Basic WordPress experience, installing plugins, adding post and installing WordPress locally
  • If you know the basics of HTML & CSS you will feel comfortable when we're editing the theme
  • You will need a Code Editor (Visual studio code, Atom, Sublime Text, brackets) and a Local Server such as Flywheel, Bitnami, MAMP, WAMP, XAMPP.

If you want to create an online store for your business or your clients this course is for you!
In this course you will learn WooCommerce basic and advanced features, such as creating products, categories, shipping, accepting payments with PayPal, variations and attributes & more.
We will install Storefront, a beautiful theme specially designed for WooCommerce, and we're going to create a Child Theme to extend the functionality.
We will add AddThis!, MailChimp, Advanced Custom fields into our store, also we will use the Blog as marketing tool and show related products in our entries.
You Will learn how to customize Storefront with Templates, CSS and Hooks. This is course is packed with tips and codes to improve your site.

Who this course is for:
  • Developers, designers or business owners that want to create an online store
  • If you are not sure which platform you should use for your online store check out this course and you will see why WooCommerce is the best option
  • If you have some experience with WooCommerce but want to one further with hooks and customizing the templates and CSS, this course is for you!
udemy ecommerce tutorial

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