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Udemy - Mastering Magento 2 - Learn Magento From Scratch Full Course Free Learn Online 2019

Udemy Udemy - Mastering Magento 2 - Learn Magento From Scratch Full Course Free Learn Online 2019 2019-05-14

Mastering Magento 2
Udemy Course


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What you'll learn
  • Create Magento 2 module from scratch, utilizing the newest framework features
  • Use newest Magento 2 features for fast and comfortable development
  • Learn the best Magento 2 development parrterns and approaches
  • Introduce your customizations to Magento 2 functionality without conflicts with extensions
  • Customize the core Magento 2 functionality in an elegant and conflict-free way
Course content

– Basic Module Components

  • The Course Overview

  • New Module Declaration

  • Database Install Scripts

  • Database Upgrade Scripts

  • Model Layer

  • Controller Layer

  • View Layer
Advanced Module Components
  • Console Commands
  • Scheduling Cron Jobs

  • Backend Menus and ACL

  • System Configuration

  • Web API Implementation
– UI Components Library
  • UI Components Overview

  • Rendering Grids

  • Rendering Forms

  • Extending UI Components

  • Checkout Customization
– Customization
  • DI Configuration

  • Observers

  • Plugins

  • Layout Configuration

  • JavaScript Customization
  • No previous experience in Magento framework required
  • Do need knowledge of PHP and basic knowledge of MySQL and Javascript to be able to get the most value of this course.

Magento 2 is not just the next version of Magento 1, it is a completely new framework. It introduces a bunch of new libraries and approaches, with more opportunities to implement functionality better. In order to improve modularity, flexibility, and extensibility Magento 2 had to become a bit more complicated than Magento 1. That's why, unfortunately, some of the new approaches in Magento 2 are just not explicit enough. This course explains how the most important parts of the framework are implemented, how they work, and how they can be used. It explores module implementation and core functionality customization, demonstrating Magento 2 development patterns and approaches. Finally, the course is not just about functionality implementation, it shares the best practices for managing Magento 2 applications as a whole. The course is intended to cover the most valuable information you need to know as a Magento 2 developer.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for developers who want to start working with the Magento 2 framework and utilize its power to the max. No previous experience with Magento framework is assumed.
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