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Udemy - Laravel, The Complete Guide With Real World Projects Updated 2019 Full Course Learn Online 2019-04-15

Laravel, The Complete Guide With Real World Projects 2019
Udemy Course


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Build simple to advanced web applications using the PHP's most popular web framework - Completely re-recorded for 5.8

What you'll learn
  • Build simple to advanced web applications using laravel
  • Learn how to build ecommerce web applications in php/laravel
  • Learn how to build forums, blogs, and the most popular of today's web applications
  • Get a deep understanding of laravel
Course content
  • [NEW] Introduction to the course
  • [NEW] Project one - Build a tasks manager application
  • [NEW] Build a complete CMS with Laravel
  • [NEW] Build a complete discussion forum
  • Introduction to the course
    • Project one - Complete Todo App
    • Project Two - Complete Blogging Content Management System
    • Project Three - Advanced Forum / Discussion Application
    • Project Four - Complete Ecommerce


This course uses a project based approach for learning. It would also be filled with specific articles to read to clearly understand a concept better, and multiple explanations of all concepts taught . We build a number of projects from simple to extra advanced, as listed below.

  1. Task APPLICATION: We learn the total basics of MVC FRAMEWORKS , by building a tasks application, where we can create, read, update, and mark tasks as completed. This is enough to get you started with Laravel
  2. COMPLETE BLOG: Some features of this CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM are:
    1. Post categories(CRUD)
    2. Post tags(CRUD)
    3. Posts (CRUD)
    4. Trashing posts
    5. Multiple user and multiple role support
    6. Social media post sharing
    7. Blog search
    8. Disqus commenting system
    9. And a lot more !!!
  3. COMPLETE FORUM: Some features of this FORUM SYSTEM are:
    1. Multiple channels
    2. Social authentication
    3. Email authentication
    4. User admin role
    5. Create discussions
    6. Replying to discussions
    7. Marking best reply to discussion
    8. User experience points
    9. And a lot more !!!
    1. Products (CRUD)
    2. Complete shopping cart
    3. Checkout with stripe
    4. Email sending after purchase
Course is constantly updated with every new release of the laravel framework, so no matter when you get this course, you are still good to go.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for beginners who have never used Laravel before.
  • This course is for laravel developers who have never developed real world applications using laravel
  • This course is for advanced laravel developers who want to increase their skills


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This course is a masterpiece indeed. I'm a newbie in Laravel and I learned a lot on this course. Thank you for sharing this.