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Udemy - Applied Deep Learning: Build a Chatbot Full Course Learn Online Free Download

Udemy - Applied Deep Learning: Build a Chatbot Full Course Learn Online Free Download 2019-05-27

Applied Deep Learning: Build a Chatbot
Udemy Course Free Download

udemy applied deeplearning

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What you'll learn
  • Understand the theory behind Sequence Modeling
  • Understand the theory of how Chatbots work
  • Undertand the theory of how RNNs and LSTMs work
  • Get Introduced to PyTorch
  • Implement a Chatbot in PyTorch
  • Undertand the theory of different Sequence Modeling Applications
  • Some Basic High School Mathematics
  • Some Basic Programming Knowledge
  • Some basic Knowledge about Neural Networks
Course content

–Theory Part 1 - RNNs and LSTMs

  • Before we Start
  • Introduction to RNNs Part 1
  • Introduction to RNNs Part 2
  • Test Your Understanding
  • Playing with the Activations
  • LSTMs
  • LSTM Variants
  • LSTM Step-by-Step Example Walktrough
–Theory Part 2 - Sequence Modeling
  • Sequence-to-Sequence Models
  • Attention Mechanisms
  • How Attention Mechanisms Work
  • –Practical Part 1 - Introduction to PyTorch
  • Installing PyTorch and an Introduction
  • Torch Tensors Part 1
  • Torch Tensors Part 2
–Practical Part 2 - Processing the Dataset
  • The Dataset
  • Processing the Dataset Part 1
  • Processing the Data Part 2
  • Processing the Dataset Part 3
  • Processing the Dataset Part 4
  • Processing the Words
  • Processing the Text
  • Processing the Text Part 2
  • Filtering the Text
  • Getting Rid of Rare Words
-Practical Part 3 - Data Preperation
  • Preparing the Data for Model Part 1
  • Understanding the zip function
  • Preparing the Data for Model Part 2
  • Preparing the Data for Model Part 3
  • Preparing the Data for Model Part 4
–Practical Part 4 - Building the Model
  • Understanding the Encoder
  • Defining the Encoder
  • Understanding Pack Padded Sequence
  • Designing the Attention Model
  • Designing the Decoder Part 1
  • Designing the Decoder Part 2
–Practical Part 5 - Training the Model
  • Creating the Loss Function
  • Teacher Forcing
  • Visualize Training Part 1
  • Visualize Training Part 2
  • Training
  • Proceeding

In this course, you'll learn the following:
  • RNNs and LSTMs
  • Sequence Modeling
  • PyTorch
  • Building a Chatbot in PyTorch
We will first cover the theoretical concepts you need to know for building a Chatbot, which include RNNs, LSTMS and Sequence Models with Attention.
Then we will introduce you to PyTorch, a very powerful and advanced deep learning Library. We will show you how to install it and how to work with it and with PyTorch Tensors.
Then we will build our Chatbot in PyTorch!
Please Note an important thing: If you don't have prior knowledge on Neural Networks and how they work, you won't be able to cope well with this course. Please note that this is not a Deep Learning course, it's an Application of Deep Learning, as the course names implies (Applied Deep Learning: Build a Chatbot). The course level is Intermediate, and not Beginner. So please familiarize yourself with Neural Networks and it's concepts before taking this course. If you are already familiar, then your ready to start this journey!

Who this course is for:
  • Anybody enthusiastic about Deep Learning Applications
udemy applied deep learning

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