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Udacity - Business Analytics Nanodegree Program Full Course Learn Online

Udacity - Business Analytics Nanodegree Program Full Course Learn Online 2.0.0

Business Analytics Nanodegree Program
Udacity Course


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Gain foundational data skills applicable to any industry. Collect and analyze data, model business scenarios, and communicate your findings with SQL, Excel, and Tableau.

This program is for anyone who wishes to gain foundational data skills that are applicable to virtually all fields. You’ll learn to collect, organize, and analyze data with Excel and SQL; build Excel models to analyze possible business outcomes; and visualize and communicate your findings using Tableau. This program is an ideal choice whether you’re just getting started with data, are interested in applying data skills to your current role, or plan to pursue further studies or career goals.

Learn by Doing
Start building your data skills right away, with hands-on exercises, and projects that use real-world datasets. Collect, organize, and analyze your data, and create your own strategic data visualizations.

Join a dynamic community of learners who are committed to an intensive and productive learning experience. You’ll give and receive support, make connections, and stay abreast of trends in your field. Our graduates consistently cite community as one of the most valuable features of their Nanodegree program experience.

Prepare for a Career in Data
Establish foundational data skills that will enable you to take the next important steps in your career.

Business Analytics
In this program, you’ll learn foundational data skills that apply across functions and industries. You’ll learn to analyze data and build models with Excel, query databases using SQL, and create informative data visualizations with Tableau.

This is an introductory program and has no prerequisites. In order to succeed, we recommend having experience using a computer and being able to download and install applications.See detailed requirements.

  • Welcome to the Program
    Meet your instructors and learn how to optimize your classroom. Learn how people use data to answer questions, and find your own insights from a data dashboard.
  • Introduction to Data
    Learn how to use statistics and visuals to find and communicate insights. Develop Excel skills to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data in a spreadsheet. Build Excel models to analyze possible business outcomes.
  • SQL for Data Analysis
    Learn to use Structured Query Language (SQL) to extract and analyze data stored in databases.
  • Data Visualization
    Learn to apply design and visualization principles to create impactful data visualizations, build data dashboards, and tell stories with data.
This Nanodegree program is a great introduction to the fundamentals of data and analysis. You will leave with practical skills that you can apply in any job. These skills are also a great foundation to a career in data analysis and data science.

This Nanodegree program is well-suited for those those looking to apply data skills in their current roles. It is also a great first step on a journey to becoming a data analyst or data scientist. We have more courses that will pick up from where this course leaves off to help you become ready for a career in data science.

Data is a transformational force in every business and analysis of data has become a mandatory skill to have to provide value in any organization. This Nanodegree program offers an introduction to the world of data. If you are just beginning learning about data, this is the course for you.

The Business Analytics Nanodegree program is comprised of content and curriculum to support four (4) projects. Once you subscribe to a Nanodegree program, you will have access to the content and services for the length of time specified by your subscription. We estimate that students can complete the program in three (3) months working 10 hours per week.

This program is an excellent program for non-technical people who want to make more data driven decisions. You’ll learn data analysis skills and tools that will help you throughout your career, whether you’re in engineering, sales, marketing, operations, etc. You’ll learn to use Excel, SQL, and Tableau to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data with the end goal of making better, data-informed decisions. This program is also great preparation for more advanced programs, such as the Data Analyst or Business Analyst Nanodegree programs.

Depending on how quickly you work through the material, the amount of time required is variable. We have included an hourly estimation for each section of the program. The program is three months long. If you spend about 10 hours per week working through the program, you should finish the program in three months.

Each project will be reviewed by the Udacity reviewer network. Feedback will be provided and if you do not pass the project, you will be asked to resubmit the project until it passes.

Check out the Predictive Analytics for Business Nanodegree program, which focuses on more advanced data analytics like making predictions, but does not require any coding.

Or, if you want to get started with programming in the data field, check out our Programming for Data Science Nanodegree program to build on the concepts you have learned. It will teach you more advanced SQL and also includes other modern programming languages used by Data Analysts and Scientists around the world.


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