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Udemy - Hands-On Sketch 4 Masterclass - Learn Web and Mobile Design Course Free Download


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Master Sketch 4 for Mobile, Website and Logo design. Popular plugins, challenging projects and resources.

What you'll learn
  • Master one of the hottest programs for graphic design
  • Obtain the skills and confidence to create app screens, logos and webpages
  • Learn about plug-ins and boost your productivity
  • Export your designs and send to clients or developers
  • Test your skills with design challenges and assignments
  • Students will need to purchase Sketch or download a Trial version from the app store
  • Windows users: You'll need to be running OS X in a virtual environment
  • Strong desire to master one of the most popular programs around
Course content

–Welcome to the Course
  • Introduction & Course Overview
–Master the Basics
  • Artboards and Layers
  • Functions of the Toolbar - Pt1
  • Functions of the Toolbar - Pt2
  • Power of the Inspector - Pt1
  • Power of the Inspector - Pt2
  • Working with Shapes
  • Working with Text
  • Smart Guides
  • Exporting your Designs
  • Sketch Basics - Quiz
–Popular Plugins
  • Plugins - Intro
  • Toolbox Update
  • Plugins - Magic Mirror
  • Plugins - Map Generator
  • Plugins - Copy to All
  • Plugins - Copy Paste Guides
  • Plugins - Find & Replace
  • Plugins - Distribute
  • Plugins - Sketchy Pies
–Create a Magazine Cover
  • Design a Magazine Cover - Intro
  • Magazine Cover - Brainstorming
  • Magazine Cover - Gathering Inspiration
  • Magazine Cover - Wireframe
  • Magazine Cover - Design Phase Pt 1
  • Magazine Cover - Design Phase Pt 2
  • Magazine Cover - Student Challenge
–Mobile Apps - Login Screens
  • Login Screens - Intro
  • Login Screens - Backgrounds & Buttons
  • Login Screens - Blurred Backgrounds
  • Login Screens - Working with Icons
  • Login Screens - Student Challenge
–Mobile Apps - Form Fields
  • Create Account screen
–Mobile Apps - User Profile Page
  • User Profile Screen Pt 1
  • User Profile Screen Pt 2
–Mobile Apps - Hulu
  • Hulu Tutorial screen - Intro
  • Hulu Tutorial screen - Design Pt 1
  • Hulu Tutorial screen - Design Pt 2
  • Hulu Home screen - Student Challenge
–Mobile Apps - Movie Ticket
  • Movie Ticket - Design Pt 1
  • Movie Ticket - Design Pt 2
  • Movie Ticket - Design Extras
  • –Mobile App Challenge
  • Mobile App Design - Student Challenge
–Web page Project
  • eCommerce Site - Intro
  • eCommerce Site - Header Pt 1
  • eCommerce Site - Header Pt 2
  • eCommerce Site - Hero Area
  • eCommerce Site - Free Shipping & Image Ads
  • eCommerce Site - Anna Kendrick Ads
  • eCommerce Site - Newsletter & Testimonials
  • eCommerce Site - Blog & Jewelry
  • eCommerce Site - Footer
–Mobile App Logos
  • Logos - Stacked Rectangles
  • Logos - Stacked Rectangles - Challenge Solution
  • Logos - Box of Goodies
  • Logos - iHeart Radio
  • Logos - Musically
  • Logos - Zedge
  • Logos - ASVAB
  • Logos - Uber Driver
  • Logos - Soundcloud
  • Logos - Beat the Boss - Pt 1
  • Logos - Beat the Boss - Pt 2
  • Logos - Google Play Music
  • Logos - Gmail
  • Logos - Scoop
  • Logo Design - Student Challenge
–Firefox Logo
  • Firefox Logo - Background & Body
  • Firefox Logo - Nose & Jaw
  • Firefox Logo - Tails
  • Firefox Logo - Challenge
  • Firefox Logo - Solution
–How do I do that?
  • HDIDT - Intro
  • HDIDT - Blurry Background
  • HDIDT - Radial Graph
–Just for Fun
  • Gilbert the Goldfish - Intro
  • Gilbert the Goldfish - Body
  • Gilbert the Goldfish - Details
–Book Learnin
  • Recommended Books


Following the success of my previous courses on Sketch, I created this course to showcase Sketch 4 and packed it with a ton of new content. In this immersive course I'll take you step-by-step through the basics of Sketch and show you how to design mobile app screens, web pages, logos and much more.
Upon completion of the course, you'll have the confidence and real-world experience to start creating your own designs with Sketch.

Course Outline:
  • Start with the basics: Learn to draw and manipulate shapes, organize your workspace, manipulate images and customize fonts
  • Magazine Cover Project: We'll brainstorm, gather inspiration and custom fonts, create a wireframe and then create our final design
  • Web Page Project: Follow along as we recreate content for a top selling web page template from header to footer
  • Mobile App Screens: Learn the techniques for building the most popular mobile app interfaces
  • Logos: Step-by-step walkthroughs for creating more than a dozen logos
  • Knowledge Check: Your understanding of the topics covered will be tested in the form of quizzes, design challenges, and assignments
Class Resources & Support:
  • You'll see the process I use when designing and where I get my resources
  • If you have a question, comment, or need help, post it in the Q & A section or on the Facebook group
Start your journey and find out why many of the fastest growing companies around are using Sketch.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners looking to test the waters of Graphic Design and possibly change careers
  • Developers interested in becoming a double-threat by creating their own content
  • Experienced Graphic Artists and Web Designers who want to learn Sketch
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