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Ruby on Rails Programming Language Build Modern Apps Tutorial Full Video Course Free Download 2019 2019

Ruby on Rails Programming Language Build Modern Apps Tutorial Full Video Course Free Download 2019

Ruby on Rails Developer average salaries by city as of November 2018 (according to glassdoor):

New York - $111,972/yr, Boston - $90,091/yr, San Francisco - $133,954/yr, Chicago - $93,167/yr.

Need more reasons on "why Ruby on Rails?"
Since its introduction, Ruby on Rails has rapidly become one of the most popular and powerful web application development tools for both startups and existing software companies. Some of the top sites in the world started with Ruby on Rails such as Basecamp, Twitter, Shopify, Github, LivingSocial, Groupon, Hulu, Airbnb, Yellow Pages and many more! Even after immense scaling, most of them continue to use Rails! Ruby on Rails developers routinely command the highest salaries in the tech industry!

The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer is:

Web development course with Ruby on Rails on Udemy. 50,000 students, 6600+ ratings, 58% of them are 5-star!

Best-seller in Ruby on Rails since it's launch

This is the only course you'll need where you learn how to build everything from simple to complex, deployable, production-ready web applications

-- Latest upgrade done in November 2018 --

The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course
provides a thorough introduction to Web Applications Development using the wildly popular Ruby on Rails framework. With 36+ hours of engaging video lectures and text follow-up lectures with directions, references and all the code used in the videos, this course is designed to:

- Take students with no prior programming or web application development experience to accomplished web application developers specializing in Ruby on Rails.

- Give students with prior experience in Ruby on Rails or web development a leg up in the industry by helping them learn the ins and outs of back-end development with Rails and building complex apps at will.

- Give professionals and students alike the avenue by which they can switch to Ruby on Rails as the back-end development framework of choice so they can build robust web apps in very quick time and bring their ideas to life.

Current web apps built in the course (5):

Sections 4 - 7: Alpha blog - CRUD functions, multiple resources, authentication system built from scratch, front-end using Bootstrap, one-to-many and many-to-many associations at DB layer, production deployment! Compatible with both Rails 4 and 5 (with repositories on each version)

Section 8: Finance Tracker social media app - Learning to use Devise for authentication, scaffold generators, search forms, ajax, jquery, search functionality, external API (stock prices) usage, rapid prototyping. Compatible with both Rails 4 and 5 (repositories on each version)

Section 9: Photo App - Production email confirmation functionality, extending devise basic functionality, payment using Stripe API, file storage with AWS S3 bucket

Section 10: SaaS Project Management App - Multi-tenancy, extending devise and incorporating payment functionality with Stripe, multi-tiered teams, email invitations within teams, restrictions based on payment tiers and more!

Section 11: University App (bonus) - Introductory Rails app (optional as beginner app for the course) - beginner friendly, along the lines of Alpha blog, but uses MaterializeCSS front-end framework instead of Bootstrap and walks through how to customize features in it. Using fully local development and Rails 5

Currently in the process of adding a 6th app with Rails 5 which uses Semantic UI as the front-end and displays the power of ActionCable using web socket protocol to make real-time features available to Rails web apps. Expected launch 11/20/2018

Ruby on Rails
- introduced 13 years ago - continues to be the cool but stable framework of choice for startups since it allows for rapid development - while maintaining structure and security - as complex and disruptive business ideas are brought to life in record time.

This course takes a very structured approach of teaching Rails starting with Ruby - the programming language behind Rails. Everything from "Hello World" to Object Oriented Programming is covered. Students acquire skills rapidly; utilizing homework assignments, quizzes, coding exercises and free web based resources to go with the video lectures. The text lectures also provide reference material after each video, it's like having multiple books in addition to the videos to guide students through the course.

At first all the code is done from scratch limiting the use of shortcuts and generators so students can understand what's really going on under the hood of Rails applications and can design them the way they want. Then with solid knowledge and understanding already in place, rapid prototyping methods are introduced in later parts of the course, showing use of generators and scaffolding, finishing with a complete Software as a Service Application that can be used to launch a startup!

Some key features of this course are:

- 250+ lectures and 36+ hours of video content

- Ruby programming from scratch; writing your first program to say "Hello World" to Object Oriented Programming while building multiple mini-projects along the way

- Rails 4 & 5 using both cloud-based Integrated Development Environment and local development environments

- Local installation and development options made available for both Macs and Windows machines (that's right, Windows as well!)

- Git for version control, Github as code repository, Heroku for production deployment

- Working with Amazon Web Services S3 bucket for storage, Sendgrid for production email functionality, Multi-Tenancy using Milia

- Custom credit card form creation and working with Stripe API to implement payment processing functionality

- Rails MVC structure in-depth - Models, Views, Controllers

- FREE live support

- Design and conceptualization using wire-framing tools

- Building authentication systems from scratch at first using the default Rails stack, including admin feature, log in/logout and signup. Then learning how to use Devise and extend the basic functionality provided by Devise to customize it and speed up authentication systems

- Ajax, Jquery, plain Javascript - all 3 used in different parts of the course!

- Bootstrap and MaterializeCSS (using material design concepts) for UI styling

- Build fully automated test suites by writing Unit, Functional and Integration tests

- Learning database migrations: One-to-many, many-to-many association implementation with Rails using ActiveRecord

- much, much more!

Why Should You Consider Ruby on Rails Programming and Its Framework?
In present times, Ruby on rails programming has emerged as a full-fledged web development technology, all thanks to the strong community of professional and dedicated developers. The framework of Ruby on Rails follows the principal of MVC (model, view & controller) architecture. It can be defined as an object-oriented scripting language and was first introduced back in the year 1990. Rails - is basically a framework, which is written in Ruby programming language.

A number of companies mainly prefer this programming language as it is simple, flexible & readable. Also, the simplicity and nature of framework makes this programming language so powerful.
Following are some of the noteworthy benefits, which make it so popular among Ruby on rails developers:-

  • It results in rapid development of application. In fact, it is possible to put Rails application together easily in less time, than you can ever imagine.
  • It is very flexible and therefore responds to various changes in the requirements throughout the project duration.
  • It is open source and offers lot of benefits like new coding techniques, community support and lot more.

    All of the above are the benefits of ROR (Ruby on rails) framework for developers. Now, let us take a fresh look at the benefits of ROR framework for different business owners, who work in co-ordination with Ruby on rails programmer for their individual projects:-

    • Changes can be made easily - Changes can be easily made in a website developed by making use of rails framework. In fact, these changes can be made even right after launching the site. Besides this, you can also make modifications in the website with addition of fresh features, altering the data model among others. This feature is something we all look for or expect for as Ruby programmers. Isn't it true? Therefore, this is one of the main reasons as to why number of companies prefers to make websites by making use of Ruby on Rails programming language.
    • Websites can be launched quickly - Ruby on Rails websites can be easily and quickly launched say within 6 weeks! Compare this to the ideal launching time of other websites, which are developed by making use of traditional programming languages, which takes about 12 weeks approximately. The quick launching of websites have been made possible due to a leaner code-base, a clean & modular design and the easy availability of several plug-ins, which are already existing. To put it in other words, it can be said that there is very little need to start everything from scratch.
    • Cost-effective option - As Ruby on Rails is an open source framework, it proves a cost-effective option for the purpose of web development. Besides this, it also saves much time. In this way, you need to spend very less time on it and can get your project done speedily without even compromising on important factors like performance, scalability & quality of your website.

To summarize the whole content, it can be said that all the things explained above were a gist of ROR framework and the benefits offered by it. To dig into more refined details or information about Ruby on rails programming or Ruby programmers, you can simply browse relevant websites, which will provide you information for the same in a much precise way.

Creating web applications is not always easy. Most of the time, it takes several weeks and even months before an app can be developed. However, through Ruby on Rails Technology, the barriers of programming have been significantly lowered. The man behind RoR technology is David Heinemeier Hanssonand. From the smallest to the biggest companies, this technology is being used since 2003.

The Ruby on Rails Framework is open-source and it is specially optimized for programmers around the globe. In fact, some of the famous apps like Github, 500px, Shopify, and Twitter have been developed through the Rails framework!

Ruby is actually an OOP or object-oriented programming language and it is similar to the Perland Python. It is different from other web development frameworks because it is user-friendly and offers amazing speed. The regular development cycle is time consuming, but with Rails, you can skip this inconvenience and apply changes immediately. In fact, Java experts like David Geary claimed that this technology can be very beneficial in blog posting since it is so much faster in comparison to other Java-based frameworks.

The Ruby on Rails Technology is made up of various components, including:

· Prototype

· Action web services

· Action mailer

· Action pack

· Active record

The Rails framework will run on CGI-supporting web servers. RoR also supports SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2. When you use this technology, you no longer have to worry about additional support from other frameworks because RoR is actually a model-view-controller (MVC) framework. By visiting the official website of RoR, you can learn more about the availability of distributions.

Why Use RoR technology over other similar frameworks? The reasons are found below.

The impressive language of Ruby is hard to ignore. It is a combination of static strongly-typed languages, dynamic languages' best features, and object-oriented paradigm. Instead of writing many codes, you can focus more on 'getting it done'. Data models are defined with codes. Once you've created the data model, you will only need to use scripts to make the changes.

It was also mentioned above that the Ruby on Rails Technology is open source, so you can be sure that you will have access to helpful and thriving community. You may have second thoughts about the RoR framework, but even if you cannot find a lot of traditional books at local bookstores, you will find extensive resources online like videos that teach programmers on how to use the said technology.

When was the last time you've searched online? You can now find lots of ads on Rails. In fact, many people are now managing Rail shops around the globe, and they are able to enjoy reasonable profits. When it comes to rapid apps development, you can count on the Rails framework to work for you! Even if you are using systems that are less flexible, you will be able to produce appealing websites because you'll have direct access to CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

Thanks to large scale community support of Ruby on Rails Technology, one will be able to get the most out of this open source technology

Ruby on Rails Training and Scope
The simple yet powerful open source programming language, Ruby on Rails has emerged as an exciting new venture in the field of software development. This innovative application framework needs lesser effort but has the capacity to achieve more. Ruby on Rails has emerged as one of the most popular application frameworks and has been capitalized by big companies because of the enormous opportunities it puts forward. Many programmers might have the question, what Ruby on Rails' training can contribute.

What Scope does it actually have? Is it good to invest time and money to learning this language? Is the future trend for aspiring developers?

New trends basically in the field of information technology are emerging day by day in underdeveloped countries. Practice of programming language is turning out to be extremely useful and enhancing the possibility for both employer as well as employee extensively. Bellow some points regarding its usefulness are discussed in detail.

1. Coding smartly and creatively is the key to success in the web development sector. Ruby on Rails provides just that. Being an open source framework, Ruby on Rails is an effective and flexible way to develop websites and other applications. Easy modification facilities than other languages makes it a good choice.

2. When there is a need of rapid website development, Ruby on Rails is the best choice. With a huge number of companies making their websites nowadays, the need for rapid website development has emerged. Ruby provides capitalized development of complex websites in a short time interval.

3. From the lowest to the highest, developers can assume any position in an organization. From Senior Developer to a junior programmer, all fields are covered by this framework.

4. The developer's community has begun recognizing the developers as important personnel in the field of IT. This will certainly help a lot in personal branding as well.

5. There are a lesser number of developers in ruby these days. The need for developers is increasing day by day for this programming, yet programming languages like Java, Net and PHP are studied more by aspiring developers. This fact gives an upper hand to developers with expertise, knowledge, and experience in the field of ruby.

6. Ruby also has a huge range of extensible features. It has a huge number of features that can be adopted. It is not only limited to website development. A huge number and variety of software products can be easily made using the framework. This is another fact why Ruby on Rails Scope has been increasing to a great level.

It can be concluded that the knowledge of any kind of programming language gives you an upper hand in the IT sector. With the various benefits of the language, its scope is surely set to increase more in the years to come. It is not hard to learn and you can easily switch to new technologies like Play Framework (Scala). As one of the most developed frameworks in the IT field, a lot of online applications are being created with the language. Easy transfer of code and convenience of changing the code makes it a better option than the others. Understanding the code and interacting with it will surely create scopes for ruby on rails in the long run.
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