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Become a Professional React Developer -Udacity Nanodegree Program Full Course Free Download 1.0

Become a Professional React Developer
Udacity Nanodegree Program
Full Course

React is completely transforming Front-End Development. Master this powerful UI library from Facebook with Udacity.


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Why Take This Nanodegree Program?
React is a powerful JavaScript library ideal for building interactive, data-driven user interfaces, and it’s used by some of the most successful brands in the world, including Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, and more.

The goal of this program is to equip you with the skills and experience you'll need to become a professional React developer. We designed the curriculum to ensure that graduates emerge well-prepared to take advantage of dramatically increasing demand for developers with React skills.

Advance your Career
The React Developer Nanodegree program is designed to ensure your long-term success in the field. The skills you learn will prepare you for jobs in React development, and you’ll be ready to deliver immediate value to any organization. We will support you throughout your learning journey; from gaining valuable technical and career skills, to landing your dream job.

The React Nanodegree program is comprised of 3 courses and 3 projects. Each project you build will be an
opportunity to demonstrate what you’ve learned in your lessons. Your completed projects become part of a
career portfolio that will demonstrate your mastery of React to potential employers.

Students should have prior development experience building and deploying front-end applications with HTML,
CSS, JavaScript, Git, GitHub, NPM, and experience using the command line interface (bash, terminal).
Students will need to be able to communicate fluently and professionally in written and spoken English.

Educational Objectives:
Length of Program*: 160 Hours
Textbooks required: None
Instructional Tools Available: Video lectures, Mentors, Forums
*The length is an estimation of total hours the average student may take to complete all required
coursework, including lecture and project time. If you spend about 10 hours per week working through the
program, you should finish in 16 weeks, so approximately 4 months. Actual hours may vary.

Course: React Fundamentals
Mastering React begins with learning your fundamentals, and this can pose a bit of a challenge, because
while the modularity of the React ecosystem makes it really powerful for building applications, there is a
great deal to learn. So we’ll break everything down, and enable you to learn the foundational parts of the
React ecosystem that are necessary to build production-ready apps.
As this is a project-based course, you’re going to start building right away. This gives you an opportunity to
get your hands dirty with React, and start mastering the skills you’ll need. Plus, every project you build is
reviewed by an expert Project Reviewer, and their detailed feedback will be instrumental in helping you to

Why React
➔ Identify why React was built
➔ Use composition to build complex functions from simple ones
➔ Leverage declarative code to express logic without control flow
➔ Recognize that React is just JavaScript

Rendering UI with React
➔ Use create-react-app to create a new React application
➔ Create reusable, focused Class components with composition
➔ Leverage JSX to describe UI

State Management
➔ Manage state in applications
➔ Use props to pass data into a component
➔ Create functional components focused on UI rather than behavior
➔ Add state to components to represent mutable internal data
➔ Use the this keyword to access component data and properties
➔ Update state with setState()
➔ Use PropTypes to typecheck and debug components
➔ Use controlled components to manage input form elements

Render UI with External Data
➔ Conceptualize the lifecycle of a component
➔ Use React's componentDidMount lifecycle hook for HTTP requests

Manage App Location with React Router
➔ Use React Router to add different routes to applications
➔ Use state to dynamically render a different "page"
➔ Use React Router's Route component
➔ Use React Router's Link component

Project: MyReads: A Book Lending App
In this project, you will create a React application from scratch and utilize React components to manage the
user interface. You’ll create a virtual bookcase to store your books and track what you're reading. Using the
provided Books API, you’ll search for books and add them to a bookshelf as a React component. Finally,
you’ll use React's setState to build the functionality to move books from one shelf to another.

Course: React & Redux
Redux excels at state management, and in this course, you'll learn how Redux and React work together to
make your application's state bulletproof.
As with the previous course, this is hand-on curriculum, and building projects is what it’s all about. Here,
you’ll leverage React with Redux to build "Would You Rather", a popular party game.

Managing State
➔ Recognize how state predictability improves applications
➔ Create a store to manage an applications state
➔ Leverage store API: getState(), dispatch(), and subscribe()
➔ Create Actions and Action Creators that describe state changes
➔ Create Reducers that return state
➔ Use Reducer Composition to handle independent parts of state

UI + Redux
➔ Combine Redux with a user interface
➔ Build intuition for when to use Redux

Redux Middleware
➔ Identify the benefits of implementing middleware in applications
➔ Identify the role of middleware within the Redux cycle
➔ Apply middleware to a Redux application
➔ Build your own Redux middleware

Redux with React
➔ Combine Redux with the popular React library
➔ Identify when to use component state vs. Redux state

Asynchronous Redux
➔ Learn the pitfall of asynchronous requests in Redux
➔ Leverage Thunk middleware to support asynchronous requests
➔ Fetch data from a remote API

➔ Install the react-redux bindings
➔ Leverage react-redux bindings to extend app functionality
➔ Use the Provider to pass a store to component trees
➔ Use connect() to access store context set by the Provider

Real World Redux
➔ Build a complex, real-world application with Tyler
➔ Add Redux to an application scaffolded with Create React App
➔ Normalize state shape to keep application logic simple with scale

Project: Would You Rather
Leverage the strengths of Redux to build a "Would You Rather" application in which users are given
questions and must choose one of them. You’ll build this dynamic application from scratch while combining
the state management features of Redux and the component model of React. When complete, you’ll be able
to create your own sets of questions, choose between them, and keep track of question popularity.

Course: React Native
In this course, you'll learn how to to develop React applications that run on both iOS and Android devices.
We’ll explore everything from setting up a proper development environment, building and styling a
cross-platform mobile application. You’ll incorporate native APIs such as geolocation and local notifications,
and even learn how to get your app ready for the Google Play Store and the App Store!

Up and Running with React Native

➔ Identify the ideology behind React Native
➔ Set up an ideal development environment
➔ Inspect and debug applications

React vs React Native
➔ Identify fundamental differences between web and native apps
➔ Identify differences between Android and iOS platforms
➔ Leverage common React Native components
➔ Create forms in React Native applications
➔ Utilize AsyncStorage to persist global application data
➔ Incorporate Redux to manage shared application state

Styling & Layout
➔ Style applications with CSS in JS
➔ Identify differences and use-cases between styling with inlinestyles, object variables, and the Stylesheet API
➔ Recognize the core philosophies and techniques of CSS flexbox
➔ Identify key differences between flexbox on the web and React Native’s implementation of flexbox
➔ Identify best practices in how professionals handle styling

➔ Manage navigation through a React Native application
➔ Utilize StackNavigator to render screens from a stack
➔ Implement TabNavigator to switch between screens by using tabs
➔ Utilize DrawerNavigator to switch between screens from a drawer menu

Native Features
➔ Leverage native APIs to extend app functionality
➔ Incorporate Geolocation , Animations , Notifications , and ImagePicker to take advantage of device features and data
➔ Prepare applications for the Google Play Store and the App Store

Project: Mobile Flashcards
In this project, you'll use React Native to build a mobile flashcard app. Users will not only be able to create
custom cards and decks, but they’ll also be able to set up notifications to remind them to study. You’ll
leverage React Native components, AsyncStorage, proper styling, as well as device APIs to create a fully
dynamic experience.


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